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With Base, earning is straightforward. For every seat that's purchased by an organization you refer, you get a steady 20% commission every single month they're an active paying customer.

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Enhance your professional status by introducing a cutting-edge solution to your network. Whether it's helping your clients optimize their request management, or helping your vendors streamline their invoicing. Be the go-to expert for operational efficiency.

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Get your clients and vendors working just as efficiently as you do. In today's digital world, if they're still using paper, pen, and snail mail to do business - they're in for a rude awakening. Help your clients and vendors streamline their operations so they can be the best partner in your network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Base's pricing work?

Base plans are charged per seat. If you are on Base’s Free plan, all users are free. If you are on a Team or Business plan, you will be charged for all users who have edit permissions for at least one organization. No charges will apply on a Team or Business plan for read-only guests. Charges are prorated: users with edit permissions added partway through the month will only be charged for the days after they were added.

How does Base' Business and Enterprise Scale pricing work?

Base has two plans geared towards large company usage of Base: Business and Enterprise. You can purchase Business either through the plan upgrades page in your workspace settings tab, or by contacting our sales team. To purchase our Enterprise plan, please contact sales. On either plan, you will be charged for all users with edit permissions for at least one organization. As part of the Enterprise Scale plan, an organization has the ability to create unlimited org units, workspaces and bases within their organization. Charges are prorated: collaborators with edit permissions added partway through the billing cycle will only be charged for the months after they were added. For more information on our Business and Enterprise Scale plans, contact sales.

What Is Base's Payout Frequency for Affiliates?

We'll pay out your commissions on a NET 30 basis. We require a minimum $100 payout for a payout to be triggered. All commissions are subject to our team's approval. Commissions may be denied if they don't seem legit, or look to be manipulated for any reason.

What does (MRR) or Month-Over-Month mean?

To put it simply, we want to reward and retain our affiliates and partners. Where a traditional commission is counted on a one-tie basis, our Software seats subscriptions are a monthly recurring product. This means, our payouts are monthly recurring as well. So for every sale you refer, no matter the month you refer it. You will earn a 20% commission on the sale every single month, as long as that seat is active. This can scale exponentially for the right partner.

What happens if the organization that I refer changes their plan?

Our Affiliate program counts and rewards ALL sales of Base seats from any referred company. So, if they upgrade their seat counts, or upgrade their plan, we will track that on our backend and ensure you will be rewarded for the sale of the new seats or plan as well. This also applies to downgrades and cancellations. Should the user downgrade or cancel, you will no longer earn a commission for that sale.

How does the free trial work with respect to the commission structure?

As you might imagine, we can only payout once we receive the revenue. We do not reward affiliates for free-trials only. So it's up to your discretion to help nudge that lead along into a paying subscription.

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